Short Sales

Many homeowners in financial difficulties have a common misconception that their lender wants to take back their property through foreclosure. This is not the case. In reality, the overwhelming majority of lenders are only interested in seeing that the payments are made each month as agreed in the original terms of the mortgage. Generally speaking, they only begin foreclosure when all else fails and there seems to be no other alternative. It costs lenders a great deal to undertake a foreclosure. For example, a short sale is often much more preferable than a foreclosure proceeding. They would much rather find ways to help you during financial difficulties, but their ability to help is reduced with each missed payment. Therefore, it is extremely important to address the crisis as soon as it occurs and to keep the lender informed at all times.

The sooner you are able to prepare accurate, up-to-date, and documented information, the sooner a plan of action can be determined. There are temporary and permanent loan relief options generally available to you. If a short sale is your preference, we can be of great assistance in helping you go through the necessary process to successfully sell your home and gain relief from the burden. However, our success will be incredibly dependent on the information you provide. The more complete and thorough information provided is, the more helpful we can be in successfully assisting you with this process.

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